Consolidation contract

作者:蓝浩星海国际集运 发布时间:2023-05-10

In the spirit of mutual benefit .good faith, in order to promote common development, friendly cooperation .safeguard their respective rights, the following service agreement shall be signed before the transportation of goods.

1Members are .allowed to send the following international express prohibited items

1. Imitation of famous brand, br.without authorization) .other suspected infringing goods;

2. Medical supplies, drugs, fresh, powder, liquid, paste, corrosives .drugs;

3 currency (including bank card, promissory note, bill of exchange, check, bond, stock);

4. Inflammable .explosive, arms weapons .accessories, simulation arms .accessories;

5. Antique cultural relics, watches, jewelry .precious metals;

Gambling equipment, CD-ROM, tape, religious propaganda, obscene, pornographic books, reactionary books .periodicals;

7 slate stone with thickness of more than 3cm

8. Other international express prohibited products, products under the control of the policies of the destination country.region.

Our staff have the .to check whether the member's goods are prohibited.restricted by the state under the monitor, .confirm the name, category .quantity of the goods, .pass the security inspection machine 100% in the warehouse. We have the .to immediately report to the relevant departments .cooperate with the relevant departments in handling the dangerous goods.national products once found.

2Cross border transportation .customs clearance

Our company shall be responsible f.the customs clearance .export of the member's goods on the mainland, booking space f.transportation to the destination, .shall be obliged to assist the member in customs clearance at the destination, .shall be responsible f.the delivery of the goods to the destination by the carrier. Members must declare the correct name, quantity .value of the goods when filling in the waybill, so that the goods can pass the customs better .smoothly. .the goods fail to pass the customs due to members' false name, quantity .value of the goods,.due to local policy reasons, they are returned by the Customs at the destination, fined.confiscated, .the consequences of the loss shall be borne by members.

3Transnational tariff

The goods will pass through the customs of the destination when they arrive. .the value of the goods exceeds the tax-free scope of the destination country.region, the customs duties may be levied. Before mailing the goods, members need to budget the cost of the customs duties that may be incurred (except f.the tax service channel). .the customs duties are levied, there will be a local customs bill to the recipient, .the recipient shall pay the taxes by himself The recipient's refusal to pay is automatically changed to member payment.

4International express charges .surcharges

Our company is a freight agent. Due to the increase.decrease of carrier cost, our express freight .surcharges will also be adjusted. The real-time price is subject to the delivery time. .the range changes too much, a unified announcement will be issued without separate notice. In the process of cooperation, .members have any questions about our company's single freight collection, they need to propose negotiation .modification before the goods leave the warehouse. Once the goods leave the warehouse, they will be revised Warehouse shall be deemed as the default charge is correct .accepted.

The following expenses shall be borne by the addressee. .the addressee refuses to pay, it will be paid by the member automatically

1 over size weight limit

2 surcharges f.remote areas

3 change of address surcharge

4 special cargo surcharge

5 weekend delivery surcharge

6 customs duties at destination (excluding tax channels)

7 destination customs fine

8 destination storage fee .return fee caused by the responsibility of the addressee

9. Additional charges arising from the recipient's other special service requirements.

5Cost of centralized transportation .storage

.the member fails to leave the warehouse f.more than 180 days, there will be a warehouse rental fee. We will charge the member 0.5 yuan per piece per day f.each piece. The minimum starting fee f.each piece is 20 yuan. .the total time exceeds 360 days, the member will automatically discard the piece;

F.the goods that need to be returned after entering the warehouse, our company will charge the member 20 yuan operation, .the forwarding freight will be reimbursed in addition. .the member needs to change the secondary packaging, such as unpacking .goods reduction, he / she needs to pay 5 yuan operation fee. Once the goods are out of the warehouse, he / she can.change the order.

6Units of measurement .rules

.the volume weight of the goods is greater than the actual weight, the freight shall be charged according to the volume weight. .there is any change in the following volume charging rules, please refer to our customer service f.details.

DHL, UPS, TNT, fed, volume charging standard cm length * height * width divided by 5000 = volume weight, except f.special channels.

EMS volume charging standard cm length * height * width divided by 8000 = volume weight, .the limit of single goods is within 30kg.

F.International Special Line Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia .Japan, 6000 f.general cargo + 2 f.real weight .6000 f.special cargo.

The international special line Europe state railway is divided into 6000 .5000.

International special line to the United States, Canada, air, except 6000 sea.

7The timeliness of international express delivery is unexpected

The reference time limit of express delivery provided by our company generally refers to working days, excluding Saturdays .holidays. .there is any possible delay due to warehouse explosion, weather impact, port vehicle inspection, no compensation will be provided.

As a freight agent, our company provides centralized transportation service .is responsible f.helping members to take low dis.freight to deliver the goods to the carrier. What we can do f.members is efficient shipment. In the subsequent transportation, we can .directly control the delivery time limit. Our company will faithfully help members to contact the carrier f.negotiation, urge tracking claims .other obligations;

Our company will .be responsible f.the delay of delivery caused by the member's untimely payment. .the delivery is delayed f.more than 24 hours due to our company, 1% of the member's freight will be returned .3% of the member's freight will be returned f.more than 48 hours.

8Insurance services

.we need to purchase freight insurance on behalf of our company, we need to consult the customer service charging standard,.members can purchase it by themselves. The purchase of insurance can only guarantee that the whole goods will .be lost, that the outer box is .damaged .its inner parts are damaged.lost, .that other customs factors such as customs withholding due to policy reasons are .included in the insurance.

9Compensation standard

Our company is an agent, .a real transport carrier. Once our company has lost, damaged, delayed .other situations after express delivery to the carrier, our company is obliged to assist members in handling inquiries .claims, .try to minimize the loss of members. 

After signing in, .the goods are found to be missing.damaged, the carrier (such as DHL, UPS, etc.) can .be applied f.compensation. Therefore, members should try their best to check the goods .sign in again,.refuse to sign in, .record the video evidence .unpack the goods, so that our company can apply f.compensation with the carrier;

The carrier.the insurance company is .responsible f.the compensation f.the damage of the internal parts. Before forwarding the member's goods, our company will reinforce the external box with adhesive tape .special packing (foam, wooden box, etc.) is required, the member shall pay additional fees;

Our company's relevant compensation standards refer to the relevant laws .regulations .the provisions of each carrier's express company, .refer to the official website of each carrier, such as DHL UPS EMS, etc.